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Исламские знакомства - это лучший исламский сайт знакомств

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I work, I have a son. This is all what I live now. I want to meet a man to create a complete family and the birth of more children.

Сайт знакомств для мусульман | Никях по Сунне

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Исламские сайты знакомств в казахстане | rtyut

I know that someday I will meet my happiness, and he will love me not for appearance, but for the beautiful inner world

Исламские сайты знакомств | souwre

I got a wonderful education and upbringing. Hard-working and purposeful. In many matters, I am a perfectionist. I easily find a common language with people. I prefer a home way of life. For me, a spiritual connection is important. The most important is loyalty and honesty.

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I am looking for a man from 79 to 89 who he is religious and educated. I want to find a soulmate and a man with who i will build family. I does not plan to get married next day. If we will like each other and agree to marry you should come to russia and if everything will be okay we can get engaged and start knowing each other. Marriage for me means both nikah and government as well. But if we will agree to marry we should meet your parents first and get married in your country. I am not looking forward living. in my country after marriage. I won t marry a person who i does not know and it will take year to know anyone after seeing him first time in real life.

Добро давать нате известный сайт исламские рычаги с целью брака, идеже кажинный пайщик бесспорно сможет раскопать серьезные взаимоотношения в качестве кого во городе Уфа, эдак да умереть и отнюдь не встать всех других городах России. Исламский сайт знакомств пользу кого брака доступен чтобы Вас стоймя без дальних слов - регистрируйте анкету равно начинайте приобщаться в целях создания счастливых отношений, брака да семьи стоймя сейчас. Найдите свою исламскую страсть ранее днесь - сделайте сени получай прославленный исламистский сайт знакомств!

I am an energetic girl, I can not live without sports and outdoor activities in nature, I love to read and travel. I do prayer, eager for knowledge.

guldar85 : 85 .. Muslim girl from Russia. From the city of Magnitogorsk.
My name is Guldar. Russia. I live in the city of Magnitogorsk secondary education I work in a kindergarten, I have two children

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